• Annual General Meeting 2018 in Geneva

  • Team at CERN 2013

  • Xu Hongjie of the Chinese Academy of Science, Jean-Pierre Revol, CERN, iThEC Chairman, Anil Kakodkar, former Atomic Energy Commission of India chairman

  • Egil Lillestol, Jean-Christophe de Mestral, Jean-Pierre Revol, Xu Hongje, Pascal Couchepin, Carlo Rubbia, Claude Hägi, Hans Blix, Anil Kakodkar

Why we are different

  • Non-profit
  • Independant
  • Driven by science
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable energy
  • Oversight committee

Become an active member of iThEC and contribute to changing the world !

iThEC (international Thorium Energy Committee) is a Swiss-based association of physicists, engineers, politicians and other like-minded people aiming at developping thorium energy systems, with a focus on Accelerator-Driven Systems, Carlo Rubbia’s brainchild, with the capacity of destroying nuclear waste.

iThEC is a legal entity under art. 60 of the Swiss civil law. It has been formally created in Geneva on September 12th, 2012, prior to the ThEC13 meeting held at CERN. It holds a General Assembly meeting annually in the Geneva area, and keeps its members informed through several additional informal lunches where everyone is invited to participate. These lunches are usually held at CERN. New information and progress of the project are added on our website in the member’s area.

Every interested person, and willing to contribute to iThEC’s goals, is welcome: scientists, legal and finance people, politicians…

A modest financial contribution of CHF 200/year is requested from members.

A Supporting Membership is also welcome.

The statutes of iThEC can be found here (Original French version here), as well as a membership application. iThEC’s present President is Jean-Christophe de Mestral. The members of the executive committee can be found here.

We are proud to work with

Talca U, Chile
SKK U, Korea