Swiss Physical Society Conference by Prof. Maurice Bourquin

Held at Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, August 28, 2018.

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Thorium presentation at TEDxParis

Conferences conveying our message

Following the success of the previous ThEC10 (UK), ThEC11 (USA) and ThEC12 (China), iThEC brought together regional actors in the development of thorium energy systems in order to obtain an overview of all the activities and promote cooperation.


World Economic Forum at Tianjin – September 2018

Presentation of iThEC’s President, Jean-Pierre Revol :

Disrupting Energy Technology – Thorium Power for the World


Rapport du SERI

Öffentlich finanzierte Energieforschung in der Schweiz

Annexe 5 “Les réacteurs au thorium sont le futur de l’énergie durable”

Auteurs: prof. Maurice Bourquin, Yves Depeursinge et Jean-Christophe de Mestral

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There is no doubt regarding the traction exerted by the thorium revolution, it has gained significant momentum as revealed by our numerous partners around the globe.